VOLUME Eyelash Extensions 


At WINK Lash & Beauty Bar we offer different levels of services based on the artist experience.

Master Lash artist | 2+ years experience

Our master artists are our most experienced and requested, they are meticulously trained and offer high quality classic and volume lash extensions.


Lash Services


Volume Lashes

We use ultra thin lashes to hand make a 2D-6D fan for each individual eyelash, giving you a fuller look than you've ever been able to achieve.  Volume lashes last 1-2 weeks longer then classic lashes and are lighter on your natural lashes.  Lashes will be customized based on your desired length, curl, and shape.


Volume Full Set 

Master Lash Artist | $200

Volume 3-4 Week Fill

Master Lash Artist | $100

Volume 2 Week Fill 

Master Lash Artist | $45


Volume Extended Fill

Master Lash Artist | $150

For current clients only.  The volume extended fill gives your artist an extra 30 minutes of application to get your lashes fuller.  This is the ideal fill if you want to get fuller look, or if you've gone longer between fills and need that extra boost to get back to where you want to be.


Bottom lashes

Master Lash Artist | $30

Perfect for that special occasion or daily wear and will give you that little extra to make your morning routine a little easier.

Lash Extension Removal | $25

Free removal for lashes done at WINK Lash & Beauty Bar.  Our remover will break down the adhesive to allow the extensions to slide with no damage to your natural lashes.


Complementary Services


Consultations and Adhesive Test

During this consultation, you and your artist will discuss your expectations for eyelash extensions.  Your artist will suggest a style that will best fit your eye shape and will also look at your natural lashes to ensure they are healthy enough for extensions.  This consultation will allow your artist to apply a few extensions to each eye with different adhesives to ensure you don't have any irritation.

Volume Technique

-Ultra thin extensions created into a fan of 2-5 lashes and applied to one individual natural lash. (100 natural lashes =200-500 extensions)

-Gives a lighter and fuller look while still adding length and curl to clients natural lashes.

-Lasts longer then classic lashes

-Good for clients who don't have a lot of natural lashes, have bald spots, or want a fuller look.

-Most natural feeling and light weight

-Newest technique that is blowing up in the lash world.